Purpose of mandalas

Since the old days, mandalas were used as basic symbols for concentration and meditation, personal maturity process, protection and healing. There are various techniques of meditation with mandalas, as there are different religions, cultures, philosophical and artistic contexts.

With the help of mandalas, we can gradually find the way to our self; we can become aware of who we are, why we are here, and what is our purpose in life. The time has come for us to find, cultivate and share the peace and harmony within our hearts again. Only a pure heart, fine thoughts and gentle words lead us to a new era.

Thomas Merton’s words can be used to express the purpose of mandalas: “A man meditates on a mandala with an intention to master his psyche instead of letting his psyche control him. During mandala meditation, a man can construct his inner arrangements or make them disappear. A man does not meditate to learn a religious doctrine but to become Buddha, enthroned in his own centre.”