How do we use mandalas

Books and colouring books are for everyone: children, youngsters and adults.

Browse through the book, check out the mandalas and read the messages. Each mandala bears its own message. You will find that some mandalas and messages affect you more than others. Dedicate some time to them.

Look in the centre of the mandala. Calm you gaze and stay focused on the mandala for at least five minutes to trigger the process of harmonisation. Mandala has the same effect as a magnet. C. G. Jung found that it affects the discordant parts of the soul, triggering a rhythmic process in it, thus restoring its harmony. This has been confirmed also by the experiences of people who use mandalas.

The Mandala colouring book is ideal for all those who wish to bring peace and satisfaction into their lives. Colour and look at the mandalas at any time, no matter what mood you are in. Shortly, you will feel a positive inner change.

Mandalas are designed so as to occupy both sides of the brain equally; thus, by looking at and colouring the mandalas, both the rational and the intuitive sides of our brain are affected. Looking at and colouring mandalas encourage creativity and increase self-trust and openness.

They provide relaxation, restoring harmony and inner peace within us. Therefore, we feel happiness and joy, which has a positive impact on us and our surroundings. Consequently, we are able to resolve conflict situations more easily. Subconscious blockades and fears start to fade away spontaneously.

Working with mandalas opens up a new view of the world. We begin to realise that there is no difference between words, thoughts and acts, that everything is energy which will manifest itself sooner or later, that energy is indestructible and can only be transformed. We get to know that we are the ones who hold the power to decide and differentiate. It is up to us to decide how and in what manner we will live our lives. Our findings teach us and reflect the path we are on. On the path of awakening, we begin to function self-consciously, become creative and start making decisions for ourselves. We learn to accept the responsibility for our lives and no longer expect that somebody else will do what we ought to do ourselves. Instead of remaining passive, we become an active participant in the game of life.

All of the experiences that we go through in our lives are gifts which enable us to have insight into our inner world, to re-arrange the priorities, and they bring priceless revelations. Every experience is an opportunity for growth and transformation.