Mandalas are spiritual images,

expressed through art.

Art and spirituality are intertwined.

This aspect is most evident in mandalas.

From the first glance at them
we see only art, but as we look deeper, we can experience the spirituality emitted by them.

Due to the harmony of their shape and colours mandalas spread positive energy into
the environment, which has a harmonious and cleansing effect on the environment
and everyone present.

As a result, they enhance our stability, creativity, equilibrium and vitality.

The meaning of mandalas in our lives

Mandalas and their electromagnetic field

Electromagnetic field is produced by both the living as well as the non-living world, and it affects all of us, including our environment. This electromagnetic field is also called the “aura”. The first successful aura photograph was taken by Nikola Tesla in 1891. By 1975, different Universities all over the world had measured the aura with great precision. Developments in the 1990s brought about multicolour aura photography, which makes the electromagnetic field around every living being and object visible. In a short span of time when a photograph is taken, the camera (AuraCam 3000) perceives the electromagnetic field through sensors, making this field visible by transferring it on an instant colour Polaroid picture.

A Polaroid photograph of our mandalas showed that – with their harmonic shapes and colours – mandalas emit positive bio-cosmic energy into the environment, which positively affects this environment as well as each individual person in it, cleansing the space and everybody present. Subsequently, it increases our stability, creativity, inner balance and vitality. It brings peace and joy. If we watch or meditate on mandalas regularly, they will help us raise our consciousness, maintain our inner peace and strengthen our personal satisfaction. They help us become more positive, joyful, and happy. Being joyful means that our hearts are filled with love and we are finally able to act in synchrony. As we all know, everything we enjoy doing is done faster and better. Through the art of mandalas, we can grow and develop a new view of the world. Gradually, we are also able to calm our thoughts and emotions, our intuition increases, and we reconnect with ourselves.

Before meditation
After meditation

About the Authors

Mandalas created by Vanda Omejc and Gabrijela Železnik definitely hold a special place in the world of art. The artistic works that they have been creating since 1998 thrill and inspire people of all ages. “With these mandalas, we want to help people relax, increase their intuition and eliminate stress from their lives,” say the authors, adding that mandalas are meant to restore peace in our heart, and bring love, joy and happiness back into our lives.  Their very peculiar style of painting on glass using a small dots technique gives their creations a certain sense of uniqueness. The colourful stories of the mandalas are additionally explained through their messages written in verses which imply and reveal the meaning of individual mandalas. The mandalas and their messages are original work of the authors and an expression of their inner vision. Over the course of their creative collaboration, they have already had over 40 solo exhibitions. They published three books, several colouring books, an electronic
colouring book and wall calendars. Many Diploma theses and term papers were written on the subject of mandalas as well as a Master’s thesis entitled “Mandala kot simptom kulture” (Mandala as a Symptom of Culture) by Silva Pavlin. They were interviewed by the Slovenian national television RTV SLO, local TV stations, were invited to discuss mandalas on a radio talk show “Sledi večnosti” (Traces of Eternity), and articles were published about their work in different magazines and newspapers.
They also collaborated with Dr. Zmago Šmitek, PhD in Ethnology, who mentioned them in his scholarly book on mandalas entitled “Mandale: Tajni vrtovi razsvetljenja” (Mandalas: Secret Gardens of Enlightenment). There was also an article published
about them in the US magazine Women in Art 278.

How we create mandalas

We first see the mandala as a spiritual image, followed by a sketch and a picture of the mandala. The originals of the mandalas are drawn by hand with a brush on glass in the technique of tiny dots. When the mandala is complete, we write a message explaining its meaning. All mandalas and messages are copyrighted. Mandalas are a visual representation of psychic levels and spiritual states and are an inexhaustible resource located within us. Observing the mandalas fills us with serenity and with the feeling that life has regained meaning and order. By observing the mandalas, the self-activation of body harmonization is triggered.
MG 0256

Creation of mandala "Unison", time lapse video

Relax while watching the time-lapse video showing the creation of mandala entitled “Unison”.

Mandala video presentation with music for relaxation and meditation

You can meditate on the mandalas in this presentation, it is easy and very relaxing. Look in the centre of the mandala. Calm you gaze and stay focused on the mandala to trigger the process of harmonisation. Mandala has the same effect as a magnet. It affects the discordant parts of the soul, triggering a rhythmic process in it, thus restoring its harmony.

Mandala video presentation - EXPO DUBAI 2022



I gaze into the infinite,

I see a part of me in it:

“An infinite precious spark of love”.


The mission of mandalas is to bring peace, joy, happiness and love back into people’s hearts.


Dr. Zmago Šmitek. PhD in Ethnology
Dr. Zmago Šmitek. PhD in EthnologyA review
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“Whoever will skim through this book will soon discover why it follows “magical paths”. Our mandalas are created to invoke a feeling as if we are staring at countless water drops of the rainbow glowing the sun. And rainbow has always held a deep symbolic meaning. It connects the sky with the earth and represents the qualities of the divine and the ideal. According to the Slovenian folk belief, the colourful rainbow arch has the God’s throne on top of it. To the Hebrews, it represented a blessing, a revival, reunion and serenity, whereas the Chinese see it as a harmonious combination of the fundamental principles of yin and yang. Some of these characteristics will surely be recognised by anyone who has ever dived a bit deeper into its shining light.”