The world is shaped by thoughts

We create the world with our thoughts. By following the thoughts, ours and also those of other people, we create everything around us. The way out of the world which we have created is possible when we stop following our thoughts. Consequently, we get minimally involved in the physical world we have created. In this way, we become unattached to the world, its games and illusions.

The thinking process creates certain ideas which will come true sooner or later. Energy follows thought and creates matter. Let us try to look at ourselves, the events and the whole world in a way so that we can notice and see it, but without the process of thought.

The thinking process creates certain ideas which will come true sooner or later. Energy follows thought and creates matter. Let us try to look at ourselves, the events and the whole world in a way so that we can notice and see it, but without the process of thought.

The assertion that the world is unreal, even though it seems real to us, is not nonsensical. Our world is painted by our senses, where all sorts of experiences, people and forms intertwine. The highest reality cannot be perceived by senses or reason, it is not within their capacity, theirs is only the perception of the outer nature of existence. Reason is a part of the mind. Reason thinks in terms of ideas and concepts, it looks for reasons, similarities, differences, it assumes, compares and concludes, it deals with pairs of opposites – all in the context of ideas. The mind experiences the world through sensory channels. Senses transmit their perceptions to the mind and compose the experiences of our world. The thought is a product of the mind and it controls our lives, shapes our character, our fate. Thoughts travel practically timelessly and without limitations. Thoughts arising from our mind awaken vibrations which travel into all directions. As soon as we let go of a thought, it lands where it has been sent. That waves of a thought stretch out and influence other people’s thoughts and attract into our world those which resemble our own, both in character and quality. We are surrounded by an ocean of thoughts, we float in it. We can transmit them to a person, an animal, a plant, to anyone and anywhere.

A thought is a dynamic power, alive and solid. Even when we stop existing in the physical world, our thoughts will not die with the body. Each thought that we create is a vibration which doesn’t pass away but challenges a vibration in a mind similar to ours. It has a direct effect on its own. The thoughts of the past are reflected in the present. Our future depends on our decision about how we will think and act today. If we do not control our thoughts, we will be controlled by them.

Whether we see something as good or bad, useful or harmful, depends on the type of our thoughts. We live in a world conditioned by circumstances which we have created ourselves and which we support or allow through our thought process.

Thoughts are the ones that cause our inner peace or unrest. The world is a reflection of our notions and thoughts about it. What we think, what we are. What we think that will happen to us. What we fear, we shall receive. To hate something or someone, to fear them means to tie them to us. When we overcome fear and hatred, we are handed great power and tool for self-defense. The war with the evil and all negative things in the world can be won only with positive thinking and unconditional love. Evil cannot be destroyed by hatred, war or pain. These characteristics feed it. Evil is a product of a person’s thoughts, words and deeds.

The decision about the type of thoughts that we nurture and the type of the effect that we attract, is in our hands. This is not merely a result of coincidences but a result of what we have chosen for ourselves. Our whole body is an expression of our thoughts about ourselves, about others and the whole of existence. Our face is the mirror of our soul. A beautiful, open, loving thought brightens up our face, and an unkind one darkens it. A kind thought awakens kind thoughts in those we come into contact with. The eyes are the window of the soul and show the state of our mind.

The transformation our negative thinking to positive requires perseverance, faith and belief. A mere desire is not enough, especially when we desire a change but continue to hold on to doubt or fear inside. Until we ourselves, with our own will, change our old script, our life will continue unfold the way we have created it. A change of our way of thinking into a positive direction is something new for the mind. The new way must be accepted also by our unconscious mind. We might wish for something to happen, but if we do not believe that we will achieve or get something, we cannot get it.

Robert B. Service wrote the following lines: ”Go on, gather your courage; to withdraw is all too easy. To hold your head up is a more difficult trick. If you prefer to cry out loud, complaining that the kick is painful – then die. If you keep retreating and crawling on the ground, you do not need strength; but to fight and remain a hero even when hopes are wrapped up in darkness, is the only and the best step of them all. Even though each violent attack of will and power awards you with kicks, pain and fear, try again – it is too easy to die but difficult and worthwhile to survive!’’