About love

We look for love all of our lives, we long for it. We talk about it, make movies about it, write discussions, novels, poems about it. In all possible ways, we are trying to deserve it, win it, gamble for it, hold on to it and keep it. When we think that the love we have can be lost, such an illusion in most cases not only emotionally cripples us but also causes us physical pain. We become embittered, aggressive and full of self-pity.

For love or in the name of love, we are ready to suffer many pains and do the impossible. We are willing to do even what we inwardly loathe. We try to change physically, emotionally or spiritually. In the name of love, we lie to ourselves, we hide, cheat and manipulate … We are willing to do all this and more only because we want to hear those cherished words about love, for someone to say to us “I love you’’, or simply because we hope and wait to hear those words.

Most often, we look for love in other people, in different places, we start connecting it with different substitutes. We are being taught that love is a fight, pain, despair, an eternal yearning for someone or something. We connect and substitute love with sex, passion, pleasure. The true universal unconditional love has nothing to do with any of these things.

We look for it everywhere, but the only place we never look into is our heart. Whatever we try to do in order to find true love outside of us, is in vain, because it doesn’t stay and in long term instead of filling up the emptiness only covers it up. And so, we turn always in the same circle. We cannot find a way out of it until we are enlightened by the understanding that love should first be recognized and found in ourselves.

An old story talks about the time when gods were creating the human race and were deciding on where to hide love, the most precious treasure, not to be abused or mishandled. At first, they couldn’t reach an agreement whether it should be placed at the summit of a mountain, in the depths of the sea or buried deep inside the earth. After a long deliberation, they chose to put it into human beings, the one place where people would never think of looking. To make sure of that, they created human eyes in such a way that they can see only the outside and not the inside.

True love endures. True happiness in love is quiet, peaceful and in no way noisy. Its home is in the heart. Love is at the foundation of each and every soul. The soul’s goal throughout life is to try to find unconditional love, which emanates from our essence.

Whoever has love can also share it, for we cannot give what we do not have. Giving it away is also the most reliable way of multiplying it. When we decide and start living love, we are become part of the most powerful force on Earth and in the Universe.

The poet Manitongquat (native American) wrote: ”Life is the Sacred Mystery singing to itself, dancing to its drum, telling tales, improvising, playing and we are all that Spirit, our stories all but one cosmic story that we are loved indeed, that perfect love we seek we are already. That the love in me seeks the love in you, and if our eyes could ever meet without fear, we would recognize each other and rejoice, for love is life believing in itself.”

Love doesn’t set conditions, it is acceptance, giving, striving, encouragement, benevolence, kindness, goodwill, joy and happiness. It is our natural condition, the knowing that we are all love. Love has the power to transform any hatred. It is a healing balm and the most powerful weapon.

On the other hand, love is not sentimentality, nor pretense. Love doesn’t mean that we approve of everything, put up with everything or erase it all. It doesn’t mean to give nothing or change nothing. We express love also when – at the right time and moment – we utter the truth, serious and decisive words. In that way, we can prevent bad things from happening.

Love gives, understands, it is compassionate, connected to responsibility. Love is responsible for the loved one, but not for selfish reasons. It accepts the other person as he or she is and doesn’t change them. True love is always by the fellow human being, standing by him and supporting him. It knows that it is not separate from others. It is selfless and doesn’t know fear. It is not oppressive, frightened, jealous or violent … in that way, it loses itself. Unconditional love is an inexhaustible source of beauty and joy. It is rare and very much sought after. Life is love.

True love makes us grateful. When we open ourselves to love, all troubles begin to resolve. Each of us can reach it, if only we want to. Love is everything that we yearn for all our lives and when we get to know it, we realize that we have been looking only for it. It is perfect, perfecting, joy, light. The true universal unconditional love is a state of divine unity which always gives, never takes and in its perfect understanding doesn’t need physicality to expess itself.