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Mandala Exhibition - Kulturni center Janeza Trdine, Novo mesto


on Friday, 10 February 2017 at 18.00 hours
at the Kulturni center Janeza Trdine, Novi trg 5, Novo mesto.

The exhibition will be open until Monday, 10th April 2017.


Wall Calendar “The Art of Mandala 2017”

We are pleased to announce that, this year also, we can proudly present our next mandala wall calendar – "The Art of Mandala 2017"! This 8-page calendar is 33x46 cm in size and has an attractive design which includes 7 stunning mandalas that will accompany and inspire you throughout the year of 2017. The accompanying texts on the calendar are written in two languages (Slovenian, English).

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Since the Christmas and New Year's holidays are fast approaching, "The Art of Mandala 2017" wall calendar can make a wonderful gift for your family, friends and acquaintances.

The Art of Mandala 2017

The price for the calendar is EUR 9.90. When ordering at least three pcs of calendar you will also receive a set of 6 mandala stickers for free. The payment can be done either by PayPal or by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover). International flat rate shipping cost is EUR 9.00. Estimated international delivery times: European Union countries: 3-10 days, other countries: 7-15 days.

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After sending us an order we will send you a payment link to your e-mail. Calendars will be shipped within two days after the day of receiving your payment.


Creation of mandala "Unison", time lapse video

Relax while watching the time-lapse video showing the creation of mandala entitled "Unison".


Sledi večnosti, radio broadcast on mandalas

Mandala can serve us as an aid to meditation and also as a bridge between this world and the world beyond. Mandala is known in traditions all over the world; in Hinduism, Buddhism, it can be found on Islamic mosques and also as rosettes on Christian churches. The broadcast was prepared by Marko Rozman. (Slovenian language). Click to view.

Sledi vecnosti ARS


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